Despite being continously bombarbed by Frida Kahlo’s marketing around the world, I never read much about this unique artist until recently, when I knew I was gonna visit Mexico City for a few days.


Double exposure: Frida Kahlo’s bed ceiling with two sad, hanging, wooden angels; and then two paintings of her, where you can see how her reality and fantasy worlds were all mixed together

I was very wrong assuming she had an easy and happy life only for the fact of belonging to a rich Mexican family. On the contrary, her life was ruled by sickness and physical pain. However she had courage enough to fight against all odds and became one of the most pinturesque artists and intelectuals in recent past.


Frida Kahlo’s workshop, adapted to paint from a wheelchair

I specially admire she was way ahead of her coevals, being a strong and outspoken woman, and developed a unique, personal look which I personally connect with Salvador Dalí, the king of surrealism. They both embraced their local origin and folklore, but managed to depict it in the most surreal way.


Free adaptation of Viva la Vida. I apologize for the blasphemy of altering Frida Kahlo’s work.

After walking along Frida Kahlo’s house, her kitchen, her bedroom, seeing her personal pictures, you realize she was not ordinary person. Probably forced by her sickness and continuos surgeries you can sense she created a parallel fantasy world where to express herself, and boy what a world. Pay a visit if you happen to be in Mexico City, you won’t regret it.


[All pictures are taken by me from Frida Kahlo’s Museum with legal authorization. These pictures and post are part of my personal blog, they are not intended for commercial purposes]



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