Legend says inside Mount Shasta there’s a hidden city inhabited by advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. Thousands of years ago, when Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean, the Lemurians who survived decided to settle in this magic mount.


Red Pines along Bunny Meadow Trail, Mount Shasta

It is believed that they built a complex system of interconnected tunnels inside this dormant volcano, and they have been seen wandering along the mountain and dressed in white robes by many generations of locals.


Mount Shasta from Shastina Lake, California

Some even claim that the unique clouds usually surrounding the mount are the way Lemurians travel with. They can hide inside clouds using their state-of-the-art technology…


Mount Shasta from Weed, California

Reality or myth, the only thing certain is Mount Shasta’s other-worldly beauty. It is omnipresent by miles away, showing you a different face every turn, every ray of light shining on it.


McCloud Falls, California

Scattered along Mount Shasta’s skirt, there’s millennial red pine forests, sugar pines, and incense cedars hidding waterfalls and shaded ponds like oasis where to rest and contemplate.








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