Rodeo Beach, California

If I had to exhile from humanity into a dessert island, I’d take Rodeo Beach with me. To avoid confussion and potential claims, let me say it’s exactly the opposite of a paradisiac beach.

Rodeo Beach

The feeling of sand under your feet is similar to walking on gravel; water is freezing cold year-round; swimming isn’t advised because of strong currents and sneaky waves… and to round it up, there’s frequent shark activity.


Basically only experienced surfers dare swimming in its waters. I know, you might think what’s wrong with this guy. But the truth is that this beach feels alive, and it has a different story to tell every time you walk on it.

Rodeo Beach, California

When tide is low, you can reach the southernmost side, and you find yourself walking among  massive pointy rocks covered by seaweed. They seem like monsters walking out of the ocean, running towards mainland, like if they were trying to escape from merciless Pacific Ocean. This other-wordly seascape makes me feel transcendent, in sync with nature.







Wild Pacific

I remember the first time I experienced the Pacific Ocean as if it was yesterday. Being born and raised by the Mediterranean, the wildness and rawness of the Pacific blew me away.

NaturalBr-LE-Blue-copy Santa Cruz, California – 80 f9 25s ISO100

There is something mystic about it. Maybe the deafening cry of waves crashing against defiant rocks and cliffs, or the violent wind gusts reminding you no man is in charge here, only Mother Nature.

LE-Rodeo-BW-copyRodeo Beach, California – 18 f22 6s ISO320

Perhaps its heart-warming sunsets or those scarce moments when the ocean appears to be calm and resting in peace–yet a tricky mirage.

OB-GiantCamera-copyOcean Beach, San Francisco – 25 f11 1/125 ISO200

It could also be the exuberance of life that creates and provides for all kind of beings, including us; or the sad paradox that it could take you away in the blink of an eye. Creator and executioner at the same time.

MarshallB-LE-Rocks-deepgreen-Recovered-copyMarshall Beach, San Francisco – 50 f14 1/4 ISO100

My guts tell me I will never resolve its mystery, probably it is beyond my understanding as a simple man. But I will keep sitting by your side on a rock, and let the tide whisper in my ear all those ancient songs.