I’ve never been much of a flower lover, but I have to admit I end up visiting this Dahlia garden everytime I happen to be around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. There is something about this flower that fascinates me.


dahlia flower

Collerette Dahlia


They are originally from the jungle area between Mexico and Guatemala, and the ancient Aztecs already cultivated them as food and ornamentation. They used to called them “Acocotli.”


Dahlia Flower

Ball Dahlia


After a Spanish missionary introduced them to Europe, they’ve been cultivated massively and today you can find Dahlias in all kind of colors and shapes.


Dahlia Flower

Semi Cactus Dahlia


They display very intense, eye-catching colors but the thing I find most interesting about them is their geometric shapes, making them a very interesting subject to photograph.


Dahlia Flower

Cactus Dahlia


This specific Dahlia garden in San Francisco is maintained by volunteers, a group of extremely sweet grandmothers who take much love and pride on their work. Just a beautiful little story hidden in a city’s park.








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